Supporting World Mental Health Day

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Today, 10 October 2013 is World Mental Health Day, which is about looking to reduce stigma and increase awareness of how to seek support, therefore increasing wellbeing across the population.

One in four people in the UK experience mental health problems, and nearly nine out of ten people say that they experience stigma or discrimination in relation to their mental health problems.

Mental Health can be just as debilitating as the most severe physical illness, but it is usually harder to see. Our mental health affects our relationships with the people around us, our ability to engage in the activities we enjoy, and our ability to support ourselves and our families through employment.

Addaction Surrey provides primary care psychological therapy services which aim to support people suffering from anxiety and depression through using evidence based, high quality therapeutic interventions. As a charity, we believe in providing an innovative, timely and effective service to all our service users to facilitate improvements and recovery in their mental health.

As a service, we are constantly looking to develop and progress our service, in line with the needs of the people who do, and could, access our support. Our data tells us that more and more Older Adults are suffering with mental health problems, but we also know that our services deliver better outcomes for people over the age of 65 than we do for the rest of the population.

Treatment for all of our service users is tailored towards each person’s specific needs, whether that be in the development of a specific course for Older Adults, or resources provided in other languages, or appointments in accessible buildings, or outside of working hours.

To support Mental Health Awareness Day, Addaction Surrey is looking to initiate partnership working with local supermarkets, to raises awareness amongst both their staff and clients of the impact of mental health problems and the stigma so many people experience as a result. We hope to support the working and commercial environment of the supermarkets, to increase awareness of mental health problems, to reduce stigma, and to increase awareness of the support available, and how to access it.

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Hannah Pidsley, Area Manager for Addaction Surrey Mental Health Services



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