Help isn’t far away with new radio campaign

Addaction’s Mental Health Services have launched a new radio campaign to raise awareness of its wide range of services and treatments available to adults in Kent and Medway.

The five different radio adverts are now playing throughout the week on Heart FM and will be running for six months, until November 2014. There main message is to let people know that help isn’t far away and there is support available to them.

The adverts aim to target a wide range of people who may be seeking support and advice for a number of mental health problems including anxiety, depression and stress, or know someone who would benefit from this help.

Addaction offers a wide range of FREE support and treatments to any adult in Kent and Medway and services are easily accessible in service centres, GP practices and community venues.

To get the help you need, give us a call on 0300 012 0012 to book your assessment, or see your GP who can also refer you.

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Have a listen to the adverts below:


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