Increase in January referrals confirms Blue Monday

Addaction has seen a 35% increase in referrals across all services in January when compared to the previous month, confirming that Blue Monday may exist.

Today (Monday 19 January) is referred to as ‘Blue Monday’, as the weather is miserable, people are waiting for pay day and people realise they may need help with their issues.

In January last year, Addaction saw an 35% increase across all services when compared to December 2013. In December 2013, more than 1048 people were referred or self-referred for help with mental health issues but a month later, in January 2014, there were 1478 referrals – an increase of 41%. In both months, the most common reason for needing help was depression, followed by anxiety, then stress.

Our substance misuse services also saw an increase in the same two months as in December 2013, 215 people asked for help, followed by 298 in January 2014; an increase of 36.8%.

Linda DeBardelaben, Addaction Consultant Clinical Psychologist, said: “If you’re feeling ‘blue’ this January you won’t be alone. It can be a difficult month for people. The Christmas holidays are over, or maybe they didn’t live up to expectations. There’s not much sunlight around and the weather can be very cold, keeping everyone indoors. If you’re stuck in a post-Christmas slump there are things you can do to lift your mood and get back on track.”

Linda suggests:

  • Be around people
  • Catch up with friends
  • Keep active
  • Make time for exercise
  • Do something creative
  • Make healthy choices
  • Keep New Year’s resolutions reasonable and achievable
  • Plan something to look forward to

If you feel like you have more than a low mood, feel depressed or anxious, you can speak to your GP and ask to be referred to Addaction or you can self-refer by calling 0300 012 0012.

Go to our Mental Health Services pages to find your local service.

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