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Workshops: Feel Well Live Well (anxiety, depression and new mums)

Feel Well Live Well

  • Learn to manage your anxiety and depression
  • New mothers

What is it?

The Feel Well Live Well workshops are a set of classes designed to help you to manage your anxiety or depression in a different way. They are  based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), an evidence-based treatment for these difficulties, as recommended by NICE guidelines.

We run two different workshops. One for anxiety and depression and another that is specifically for new mothers.

The workshops aim to help you understand how your thinking impacts on how you feel, behave and communicate with yourself and others. Feel Well Live Well aims to educate, encourage and inspire you, whilst using self- help materials, imagery, relaxation, and interpersonal skills to help you improve your symptoms.

At the new mums workshops, a health visitors on hand during the sessions who are able to address your worries around taking care of your new born.

How long does the course last?

The workshops run for 6 weeks and recommend people attend all 6 sessions. Evidence shows that people that attend all the sessions benefit more. Each session runs for 2 hours (2.5 hours for the new mums sessions) and we have a break mid-way through the session, when facilities and refreshments are available.
You can bring your child to the new mums sessions.

Who else will be there?

People like you, who may also be experiencing anxiety or low mood. Remember 1 in 4 people have these problems. Nobody has to share anything they don’t want to. It is a class-like environment.

Who runs the workshops?

Each workshop is run by two trained Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners, who are qualified in teaching people how to manage anxiety and depression.

Do I need to bring anything?

No. We provide workbooks, pens and refreshments.

What do the workshops cover?

  • Session1: Introduction and first steps to wellbeing
  • Session 2: Stress and anxiety
  • Session 3: Sleep hygiene and stress reduction techniques
  • Session 4: Low mood
  • Session 5: Low self-esteem and assertiveness
  • Session 6: Self-help resources and CBT

Next workshop start dates:

Both workshops are to be held at the Nucleus Arts Centre, Chatham. If you would be interested in attending either of these workshops then please contact our Medway office on 01634 298598 (option 3)  for more information.