Courses and Groups

ThinkAction provides easy to access and enjoyable groups and courses to help with mental health problems.

The groups and courses available are listed below.

  • Anger Management Group
  • Coping with Depression Group
  • Feel Well Live Well Group
  • Move to Improve Walking Group
  • Move to Improve Swimming Group

We provide services face-to-face in groups, one-to-one sessions and on the telephone.
Contact your local service for more information.

Anger Management Group

Learn skills and coping strategies to control anger in a relaxed and safe environment. Six-week programme.

Coping With Depression Group

Depression is a common problem, affecting an estimated 10% of people at some time during their lives (NICE, 2010). If you suffer from depression, you don’t have to suffer alone. Our course aims to help people learn skills to overcome and prevent feelings of depression.

The programme runs for twelve weeks and is facilitated by trained Cognitive Behavioural therapists.

You will learn useful skills for coping with depression and will be given a workbook with exercises to help you practice the skills covered in the course.

You will learn how to:

  • Relax and ease your anxiety
  • Increase pleasant activities
  • Improve social activities
  • Develop more helpful ways of thinking
  • Be more assertive
  • Design your own self-change plan

Will I have to talk in front of the group?

The group is focussed on learning skills rather then discussion. Therefore you will not be expected to talk in front of the group, unless you feel comfortable doing so.

Will I have to talk about difficult things from my past?

The course is based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), which focuses on difficulties in the ‘here and now’, rather than problems from your past.

Who attends the group and how many people will there be?

A range of people are invited to the group. It is usually made up of women and men of different ages, backgrounds and experiences. The group can accommodate 10-12 people.

How is the group structured?

The group will run for 2 hours usually on a weekly basis with time for a short break. There is work in-between sessions and research tells us that you are more likely to progress if you are able to find the time do this work.

Do I need to bring anything? You will be given a book to use during the course which will complement what you are learning. We would also advise you to bring a small writing book/pad and a pen.

Will I be discharged after the course? People have an opportunity to be seen on their own towards the end of the group. This provides an opportunity to talk individually with the facilitators about your progress and whether you need any extra help and further psychological support.

Feel Well Live Well Group

Learn to manage your anxiety and depression…

What is it?

The Feel Well Live Well workshops are a set of classes designed to help you to manage your anxiety or depression in a different way.

The workshops are based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), an evidence-based treatment for these difficulties, as recommended by NICE guidelines.

Feel Well Live Well aims to help you understand how your thinking impacts on how you feel, behave and communicate with yourself and others.

Feel Well Live Well aims to educate, encourage and inspire you, whilst using self- help materials, imagery, relaxation, and interpersonal skills to help you improve your symptoms.

How long does the course last?

The workshops run for 6 weeks and recommend people attend all 6 sessions. Evidence shows that people that attend all the sessions benefit more. Each session runs for 2 hours. We have a break mid-way through the session, when facilities and refreshments are available.

Who else will be there?

People like you, who may also be experiencing anxiety or low mood. Remember 1 in 4 people have these problems. Nobody has to share anything they don’t want to. It is a class-like environment.

Who runs the workshops?
Each workshop is run by two trained Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners, who are qualified in teaching people how to manage anxiety and depression.

Do I need to bring anything?
No. We provide workbooks, pens and refreshments.

What do the workshops cover?

Session 1 – Introduction and first steps to wellbeing

Session 2 – Stress and anxiety

Session 3 – Sleep hygiene and stress reduction techniques

Session 4 – Low mood

Session 5 – Low self-esteem and assertiveness

Move to Improve Walking Group

Walk your way to wellbeing. Come and join us for a walk in a friendly and informal group. A free opportunity to make new friends and get some gentle exercise at your own pace.

  • Manage your weight
  • Improve your mood
  • Stay strong and fit

If you’d like to come along, we meet in Margate and Canterbury:

Meet inside our office 1 Cecil Street Margate (opposite the library) at 1.30pm, every other Friday. For more information and dates, contact Pablo or Holly on 01843 293844.

Meet at The Beaney (Canterbury Library) at 9.30am on Fridays. For more information or dates, call Anna Bate on 01227 781297.

The group meets every Tuesday at The Stour Centre, Ashford, at 9.30am. To find out more, call Pablo on 01233 639383.

Move to Improve Swimming Group

Swim your way to wellbeing. Come and join us for a swim in a friendly and informal group.

  • A free opportunity to make new friends and get some gentle exercise at your own pace.
  • Recreational swimming leaves you with a positive feeling after exercise
  • Fun decreases stress
  • Swimming elicits a natural, positive response to being in the water

If you’d like to join us at the next group, we meet at 2.30pm at Hartsdown Leisure Centre, Hartsdown Park, Hartsdown Road, Margate on Fridays. For more information and dates, contact Pablo or Bliss on 01843 293844.