Kevin’s story

After being diagnosed with Diabetes at 47, Kevin said he felt like everything had been taken away from him.

Now 55, Kevin was initially referred to Addaction by his GP for counselling sessions as he was dealing with severe depression after difficult family bereavements. He also has Type 2 diabetes, and was struggling to manage his treatment routines, particularly working out how to take his medication and make changes to his diet. He said this also had an effect on his family and his social life, as he couldn’t drink alcohol with his diabetes medication.

Kevin’s therapist referred him to Addaction’s Diabetes Psychological Service as part of his treatment, which he felt would enable him to get the help he needed to manage his condition and improve his mental health and wellbeing.

Kevin has had five, weekly sessions with his therapist and says it has made an enormous difference to his quality of life. He said: “Seeing someone about managing my diabetes and also how I am feeling has helped tie the two together. It has helped me elevate the fears and worries I had and has given me more control and input into how I manage my diabetes.”

Kevin is now making more use of online resources to help him manage his condition and has also lost weight, as he is more relaxed and his stress and anxiety levels have decreased.

Addaction’s Psychological Service across Kent and Medway provides emotional support and care for people with diabetes who experience reduced psychological wellbeing.

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