Addaction strives to develop innovative new approaches to the treatment of mental health problems.

We work in partnership with a range of organisations to explore developments which will improve care and outcomes for our clients.

We seek innovation in three areas:

  • Clinical innovation (new services)
  • Operational innovation (ways of delivering care more efficiently or flexibly)
  • Research into more effective ways of helping patients.

Addaction is leading a number of significant research projects focused on improving practice and the effectiveness of interventions.

Some recent innovations

Long-Term Conditions and Mental Health

It is recognised that long-term health conditions can have a significant impact on wellbeing and also that depression and anxiety disorders may decrease a patient’s ability to self-manage their condition and take their medication.

As a result, we are pleased to be launching a new project that will offer dedicated psychological interventions for patient with diabetes.

Health Psychologist, Dr Kate Hamilton-West will be working with us to train staff to deliver an evidenced-based intervention of concordance therapy, where the patient and practitioner will work together to come to a shared understanding of the effective management of their diabetes.

The model incorporates cognitive behavioural and motivational interviewing techniques as well as theories of illness perception and self-efficacy. The intervention is expected to deliver improved psychological and physical health outcomes and has been designed with particular focus on the needs of Older Adults with Type 2 diabetes, a significant group in Kent and Medway.

Training modules for GPs and other health professionals will also be made available online as part of the project and these modules will focus on the psychological impact of living with diabetes and the psychological factors that may affect a patient’s ability to manage and cope with their condition.

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