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We all know the importance of feeling positive about ourselves and others.

Thinkaction is here to help you learn the skills to nurture your own wellbeing and build positive relationships with the people around you.

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What we offer

After registration and assessment, we recommend a service that suits your needs. That service may take one of these forms.


Learn about improving your wellbeing through cognitive behaviour therapy and other techniques through regular workshops.


Receive support online with wellbeing practitioners through webinars and interactive services.


Speak one-to-one with a trained practitioner to improve your mental wellbeing.


“A very effective and helpful course. It has helped me better understand the unhelpful cycles of thoughts and behaviours I engage in. The skills covered will help me going forwards.”

“This has been so much more helpful than I anticipated. I am a bit scared of ending the group due to concern of relapse but both therapists have been extremely supportive. Found the first week very overwhelming and difficult but felt that the support I received was outstanding. I am very grateful that I have had the chance to attend these sessions. Thank you so much!"

“Before starting this workshop I was feeling really down and really didn't know how to cope with the feelings I was experiencing. I have learnt that I can actually control my mind in a more non-judgemental way, stop and thinking that all my negative thoughts are not worth my attention. I am so grateful for this opportunity to better understand myself and especially all the care and help from my therapists.”