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Online therapy service — SilverCloud

SilverCloud — your space for thinking and feeling better.

If you’re experiencing problems with your emotional wellbeing and you would prefer the convenience of online support, you can use our secure and anonymous service called SilverCloud.

Flexible, online support anytime, anywhere

SilverCloud offers you immediate access to a secure, anonymous and supportive online space where you can learn effective techniques to manage your mental health problem. SilverCloud’s programmes are based around cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) which has proven to be highly successful in treating depression and anxiety.

Visit the Silvercloud website to sign up

How SilverCloud works

SilverCloud is flexible and you can access it anytime, anywhere on your computer, tablet or mobile phone. Designed by our team of clinical experts, the programmes consist of six to seven modules which you can complete at your own pace. The interactive tools are easy to use and designed to make your experience interesting and motivational.

Your own Thinkaction supporter

You’ll work independently but with your own Thinkaction supporter who’s there to monitor your progress online and provide guidance and encouragement. You’ll also be able to speak to our clinical practitioners for extra support as you go through the programme.

I felt no longer alone. I felt that I had someone to go to. It was comforting. The ability of linking in with a specific therapist was very attractive as it felt more personal.

SilverCloud user

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