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Frequently asked questions

Q How long do I have to wait for an assessment?

Whether you have contacted us direct or been referred by your GP, Thinkaction will offer you a telephone assessment within three working days. The call will take approximately 30 minutes and enable us to find out more about you and the mental health problems you’re currently experiencing so we can recommend the best course of action.

If you prefer, we can offer you a face-to-face assessment at your local Thinkaction service or in a community location although this may mean waiting a little longer than normal depending on availability. We can also offer assessments via Skype and in other languages if needed.

Q What happens at my initial assessment?

During your assessment you’ll be given the opportunity to talk about your problems and discuss the potential causes. Your Thinkaction mental health practitioner will ask you about your current behaviours, thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations and you’ll also need to answer a series of psychological questions. All of this will help us to diagnose your condition and decide what treatment would be the most effective for you.

We will also explain confidentiality to you and take all your contact details so we can keep in touch while you’re using our service.

Please feel free to ask any questions during your assessment. Your input is essential in helping us to provide the most appropriate treatment but we also want you to be part of the decision making process and feel happy with the treatment we’re offering you.

Q What is expected from me?


Research shows all talking therapies work better if you’re committed to the treatment and want to make the necessary changes.


We recommend you attend all telephone or face-to- face sessions. Regular sessions make the therapy more effective. Also, being on time for your appointment will help you get the most out of the session.


All the talking therapy techniques encourage you to practice your new skills between appointments based on what was covered in your session.


Your treatment has the best chance of success if you’re open to different ways of thinking about your problems. We’ll support you in doing this.

Q What should I do if I can’t keep an appointment?

If you can’t keep an appointment, please let us know.

All appointments that aren’t attended will count towards the maximum number of sessions you’ve been offered. If you don’t attend an appointment and don’t let us know, your practitioner will make every effort to contact you. However, they may not be able to offer you another appointment.

Q Why do you use questionnaires at appointments?

At Thinkaction, we use questionnaires developed by experts to help us identify your symptoms and measure what level of treatment you may need. You’ll be asked to complete a questionnaire at each appointment as this helps us to track your progress, identify any difficulties and gather useful feedback.

Questionnaires can be completed online before your session or in the session itself. The information is collated onto a database for research purposes and is treated as strictly confidential. No-one other than us will have access to your responses. Reports that are generated from this information contain aggregated and anonymised data ensuring clients cannot be identified.

Q How can I ensure I get the best service?

At Thinkaction, our aim is to always provide a high quality service. Our work is supported by senior clinicians and we encourage external organisations to monitor and oversee everything we do. We also encourage you to give us your feedback so we can improve and enhance our treatments and services.

We maintain quality in the following ways:

  • During your treatment you’ll be asked to complete a Patient Experience Questionnaire so you can tell us how your treatment is going.
  • Your Thinkaction mental health practitioner is employed by our parent organisation (Addaction) and practises under regular and professional supervision, underpinned by organisational Clinical Governance guidelines. This ensures that the therapy offered is of the highest possible quality.
  • If you have any comments – positive or negative – about Thinkaction’s services please get in touch with your local service manager.

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