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Wellbeing tips — top 10

1/ Do something creative

Being creative can improve your mood and self-esteem.

2/ Learn new skills

Achieving a goal you’ve set yourself can help increase your confidence and help you feel more optimistic about our future.

3/ Value yourself and others

Spend time to reflect what you have done well, show your appreciation and take pride in any compliments you may receive.

4/ Eat well to boost your mood

What we put in our mouths can have a real influence on our mood so choose healthy foods to boost your mood and energy levels.

5/ Keep in touch with your friends and loved ones

Research shows that people who spend time with their family, friends and colleagues have increased wellbeing.

6/ Keep physically active

We know exercise has proven to lower levels of anxiety and depression as well as improving your fitness levels. Just 30 minutes, 5 times a week can make a difference.

7/ Care for yourself

Set aside some time for yourself to do something you enjoy such as a hobby, a walk you enjoy, read a good book or book to have your hair done.

8/ Get involved

Being involved in a fun event or a project can lead to new skills, making new friends and a sense of fulfilment.

9/ Take a break

Make sure you book your annual leave throughout the year. This will give you times to look forward to and make sure you take a well-earned break.

10/ Ask for help

If you’re feeling pressure at work, make sure you take the opportunity to discuss your feelings with family, friends or your line manager. This will prevent unnecessary stress and anxiety from building up.

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