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Couple therapy for depression

What is couple therapy for depression?

When you’re depressed it can have a significant impact on your close relationships. Depression can get in the way of communication and intimacy between you and your partner. Couple therapy for depression is an extremely effective talking therapy – a confidential, safe space where you and your partner, guided by your experienced Thinkaction mental health practitioner, can explore the issues that are affecting your relationship.

What is couple therapy for depression good for?

Couple therapy will help you and your partner to understand how difficulties in your relationship can lead to depression. Many couples in this situation find it hard to talk freely with each other which can make the depression even worse.

Everyone’s therapy will be a bit different but usually your practitioner will help you identify and then work on the things that create unhappiness and distress. You’ll be encouraged to open up and share how you feel, listening to each other so you can both move on from ‘stuck’ or even hostile patterns of communication.

Couple therapy will help you to:

  • Communicate more openly and clearly
  • Be more aware of your partner’s needs
  • Learn how to better understand yourself
  • Change unhelpful or ‘stuck’ patterns of communication
  • Manage feelings of anxiety and stress
  • Come to terms with day-to-day stresses and bigger life changes

This will lead to:

  • A more stable family life
  • Self-discovery
  • An improved sexual relationship
  • Reduced jealousy
  • Increased confidence

How does it work?

In order to ensure the best chance of success, you and your partner need to commit to attending all your sessions. Your Thinkaction mental health practitioner will want to see you and your partner together for the first session. You will then be asked to attend individually for one appointment so that we can build a picture of how you are in relationships – including what you have learned about relationships from your past experiences. Following these individual appointments, all meetings will be for you and your partner to attend together.

Couple therapy appointments are likely to be weekly for 50-60 minutes. At the outset, your practitioner will let you know about the number of sessions you can expect and when the therapy will end.

You may also be asked to do ‘homework’ tasks between appointments to build on the work you are doing. This will help you to get as much out of the therapy as possible and give you the best chance of a happier, more fulfilling relationship.

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